Digital Transformation

New horizons for customers and your company

Whether a greenfield initiative, along exploring new digital technologies or building on existing core systems: We foster ideas, lead to concretization and can seamlessly connect to your technology and data world. Our consultants understand your business model and speak the language of management and experts in business and IT in order to break new ground together.

How we accompany you with your transformation.

Digitalisation – Strategy & Transformation

Wherever the journey takes you, you decide how you want to accompany your customer. Whether it should be digital, analogue, hybrid: We have comprehensive market expertise, combine different perspectives and design feasible ways with you. To be able to achieve the best - based on your situation.

Design your data world

What does it take to really see the customer or enable straight-through processes? Across different business units, using existing data sources or tapping into new ones? We start early to design clear data strategies and structures. During the journey, despite distributed system worlds and along tightened data protection, the customer and your efficiency are always in focus. We think along with you for a trustful and appealing solution!

Delivering digital transformation

Every transformation needs leadership - according to this maxim, we accompany you and your initiatives. Whether agile or traditional implementation: we break down big pieces into feasible implementation steps, minimise risks and take your organisation on the journey. Innovation in complex environments - we have proven this many times.

Complexity, data protection and innovation - how does that work?

Self-services and convenient customer experience, automatic processing and protecting data at the same time: This is not only fancy but also complex. In addition to true customer centricity and process automation, we understand the requirements for data protection and secure operation. This includes cloud-based transformations as well as new data protection requirements.

Transformation across borders

Hybrid consulting, omnichannel, ecosystems... When it comes to crossing borders, a shared vision is needed. We mediate, facilitate and design, enabling thereby interoperability at the interfaces.

Are you ready for the journey?

We would be happy to talk to you about your goals and define next best steps. Your contacts on the topic of digital transformation are Marianne Charaf or Benjamin Schlup.