Synthetic Data

Developing and Testing without any Risks or Side Effects

We have long suspected that testing based on production data – even if anonymized – leads to risks and unwanted side effects. In addition, machine learning and big data analytics have become the natural enemies of solutions based on anonymized data. We think it’s time for a change.

The alternative is synthetic data. However, until now, generating synthetic data was too costly, the results weren’t up to scratch, or it simply wasn’t practical.

iSynth is a brand-new approach that can be used in combination with a clever tool for creating synthetic data cost-effectively and efficiently. Although that sounds too good to be true, we can assure you it is not.

Where Synthetic Data Can Help

In DevOps

Automated testing is a must in this area! Synthetic data can be generated automatically as an integral part of your DevOps pipeline and then used for testing. Complex and realistic scenarios can be replicated so that your automated tests deliver meaningful results at a very early stage of testing.

In the Cloud

Why hesitate in transferring your development and testing activities to the cloud? If you are using synthetic data, it makes no difference where your data is stored or with whom. And your developers will thank you for it.

During Performance Tuning

Load tests and performance tuning should not be left until the last minute. With synthetic data, you can control the data volume and variance precisely, and can make resources available for tuning to be carried out at an early stage. This is good news for your pocket and for your nerves!

With Software Partners

Is your software developed in Nänikon (Switzerland), India, or elsewhere? What data do your software partners use as the basis for their development work? With us, you can avoid nasty surprises when the new build arrives – by providing your software partners with a well-defined set of representative synthetic data as a basis for development and pretesting. This can be effectively written into the contract you sign with them.

During Testing

Imagine being able to design the data in line with the test case! The clever use of accurately modeled test data makes tests significantly more effective, whether they are performed manually or are fully automated. On top of that, you will have access to all the most popular configurations and will be able to track consumption effortlessly.

Have we piqued your interest?

We will be happy to speak with you in person about the many possibilities of iSynth and to discuss the application scenarios that exist in your environment.

For all things iSynth, your contacts are Josef Bösze and Ralph Schibli.

Further information is available here:

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