With our clients, we shape the use and management of information and technology so they can realise their vision.

We've been around since 1999. Ever since, itopia has been fully owned by its employees – all of them hand-picked advisors with many years of experience.

This means that our clients can always rely on product-neutral and independent advice. Our clients include retail, private and universal banks of all sizes, non-life and life insurers, major providers of IT and BPO services to the financial sector and selected software providers. 

Our Values

Curious by Nature

We scrutinise emerging technologies and new business models, identify trends and look for analogies in other industries. Whenever necessary, we close knowledge gaps and thus create added value for our clients.

Keeping Goals in Focus

With our partners, itopia consultants take the time to define the goals, understand the motivation behind them and set the priorities.

Then all action is aligned with these goals so that no one is easily led off course.

Communicate with Clarity

itopia consultants focus on the essentials and communicate professionally, precisely, comprehensibly and appropriately with all parties involved - verbally, in writing and in deed.

Acting with Integrity

Honesty and respect are the basis of all our relationships. itopia consultants are impartial and stick to agreements. We say what we do, and we do what we say.