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itopia – The Boutique IT Consulting Firm for the World of Finance

Whether you are launching a digitalization initiative or planning to replace your core systems, our consultants have a firm grasp of your business model and speak the same language as your business and IT managers and experts.

And if you’re looking to advance your own IT skills, our consultants will be happy to assist you with their many years of management experience. They know how to concentrate on what really matters and get to the crux of the matter.

itopia is objective and independent. The success of your business is our top priority and so everything we do is geared toward this – from our consulting service through to the implementation of your technology initiatives.

Management Consulting Combined with Expertise in Implementation

Whatever stage your ideas have reached, itopia consultants are there to provide advice and practical support through every phase of your project.


From the back of your napkin to the whiteboard: Here at itopia, we can help you sort the wheat from the chaff by drawing on our creativity and experience – giving shape to your ideas so that they can take flight.

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Fleshing Out

Let's get specific: This step is crucial for the success of your project. By setting clear objectives, we can focus our energies, and define the right solution and project strategy.

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What’s needed when the construction teams show up for work is leadership: We will coordinate their work and guide them firmly toward the goal. The itopia Project Risk Manager is also on hand to make sure focus doesn’t turn into tunnel vision.

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Taking Off

We will devise the flight plan and provide the air traffic controllers for the maiden flight. After all, no transformation is complete until everything is safely off the ground. Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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itopia Drives your Key Issues Forward

Some trends are here today, gone tomorrow. Others will change the face of finance and technology for good. We are passionate about the following themes, where we can make a real difference.

itopia IT Benchmark Study

Perfectly balancing the business benefits and costs: We have been assisting banks with this since 2000 through our annual IT benchmark study. And by bringing our expertise to bear when it’s a question of steering the right course for a specific situation.

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Data Migration

Specialist knowledge and technical skills coupled with uncompromising reliability: we have the experts, the methodology, and the tools to enable efficient and agile development and to deliver a data migration solution for business-critical projects based on low-risk implementation.

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Cloud Strategy & Operating Model

Improved transformation capability and optimized operation: Together with you, we can unlock the potential of the cloud – from aligning the business and cloud strategies and developing the vision through to migrating your applications.

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Synthetic Data

Efficient and risk-free development, testing, and training thanks to consistent synthetic test data: We can offer an agile and object-oriented approach plus matching test data factory tools for projects and DevOps.

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