Fleshing Out

Good Preparation is Everything

Draw up your plans, determine your line of approach, join forces, and set your sights on the objective. That is how an idea becomes a project! At this stage, it is a question of fleshing out your requirements, devising solutions, marking out the scope, and setting budgets and deadlines.

Sometimes it is worth testing the concept by floating a trial balloon or sounding out the technology first. Whether you know it or not, this is the point when you set the course for your project. Effectively, you are determining whether your investment will fire up the engines or will simply fizzle out.

How We Can Help You to Flesh Out Your Ideas

Project Management

We don’t just give advice – we have the capabilities to match! When we make recommendations, we prefer to implement them ourselves. So, why not let us manage your ambitious project and get it on the right track from the get-go?

Risk Strategy

How big is your risk appetite? We will help you to determine the right risk strategy. Rest assured that we know how to set up and run an effective risk management system. As an independent and objective partner, we will take a careful look and openly address any difficult matters.

Toll Gate Assessments

Are you ready to launch the next stage of your project? To award the implementation contract once and for all? To set the final deadline? On behalf of your steering committee and sponsor, we will check the results obtained working independently of the project team, determine the degree of maturity and level of quality achieved, and will identify any gaps or ambiguities.

Selection of Partners

The right partners will get things off the ground. We will make sure that the requirements are set out clearly and in full. And we will support you every step of the way, from issuing the invitation to tender through to signing the contract.

Let’s Get Specific!

Our experience tells us that this stage is crucial for the project’s success. So, please get in touch with us by contacting Loris D’Incau and Patrick Messmer.