Taking Off

Taxi to the runway, spin up the engines, and prepare for take off ...

The new system has been introduced. The new processes are kicking in. The employees are well trained and able to work productively. That’s how the true value of your project should unfold.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Just when you’re on the last mile, things start to get urgent and discipline starts to wane. In a worst-case scenario, everything becomes highly political. And then the press has a field day.

But all this can be avoided! Here at itopia, we have handled the rollout for scores of projects, getting things on track at an early stage. We focus intently on processes, organization, communication, and support – ensuring success and bringing order to the task of going live.

How We Can Help You Take Off

Rollout Concept

There are always many aspects to a rollout: testing, training, process adjustments, data migration, a coordinated go-live approach, and targeted communication.

What we have learned from the many major projects we have overseen is that you need a rollout strategy that is tailored to the situation and organization concerned. You have to be meticulous in your planning, go over things repeatedly in your training, and be consistent in your management so that critical “Go” decisions can be based on hard facts.

Let us work with you to define the approach that is right for your project and then put it into action.

Rollout Management

Concepts are purely theoretical. But what are the practical considerations? How do you actually set about implementing and establishing the rollout strategy?

We will be happy to take care of this for you! We have the experience, the methods, the necessary stamina, and the tenacity to handle exactly these kinds of situations. Since we are independent from your organization, objectivity and expertise take center stage during all critical rollouts. Consequently, there is less room for politics and panic.

Migrations, rollouts, and cutovers are our bread and butter. We have been doing this for years and are well practiced at holding our nerve.

Rollout Assessment

What kind of fallback plan do you have? What are your options if the unexpected happens? How fit are your employees and organization? Are the processes and responsibilities clearly defined? Can you handle the transformation and the first few days that follow the main event?

Embrace the challenge. We will put your rollout plan under the microscope and bring our cumulative experience to bear. That way, you can be armed and ready. Once the rollout commences, you will have a lot less room for maneuver and the costs of any corrective action will increase exponentially.

Your Contacts

Ralph Schibli and Josef Bösze will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions.