From the Back of Your Napkin to the Whiteboard

What do you do when faced with a constant stream of ideas or an entire innovation portfolio that is jostling for your attention? Managers and specialists have to quickly sift through new ideas, and carefully scrutinize anything that has already captured hearts and minds.

Companies do not always have the specialist knowledge, experience, and capacity to explore ideas or develop full-blown scenarios. As an objective and independent adviser, we can contribute our implementation experience and market knowledge to the discussion at the point where technology and business innovation meet. And we can work with you to ensure that your ideas match your organization’s need for and capacity for change.

How We Put Your Idea on the Road to Success

Digitalization & Technology Strategy

Overhyped or must-have? Carefully consider whether it is right to change direction and, if it is, make an informed decision about when and how.

Using illustrative scenarios, we will discuss market trends and your own specific corporate situation with you, and will develop or evaluate strategies – all the while, speaking the exact same language as your stakeholders.

Technology Due Diligence

What initially looks appealing may turn out to be appalling. Or the much-vaunted FinTech might prove to be a disruptive force or nothing more than old wine in new bottles. We will be happy to put the latest ideas under the microscope for you.

Benefit Planning & Proof of Value

What about the business case? We will help you to sharpen your business acumen, both qualitatively and quantitatively. And we identify points of leverage. In the process, we will uncover where the uncertainty lies and how deep this goes. And, if required, we will assist you in providing proof of value.

Portfolio Optimization

Can’t see the wood for the trees? We’ll help you see the bigger picture. We will work with you to select the most promising projects, and optimize the sequence and use of resources.

Target Operating Model & IT Governance

Things will only run smoothly when man and machine work together in perfect harmony.

From roles, processes, structures, and tools through to governance, we think holistically. And that is good news for anyone looking to reorient or optimize their organization.

Imagining Ideas Together

That’s what we love! If you like the sound of it too, make Benjamin Schlup and René Stierli your first port of call.