Data Migration

We’ll Take Good Care of Your Data!

Data can become a real headache during transformation projects. But here at itopia we can safely say that we have everything covered. So, why not let us do all the heavy lifting next time around. Our highly specialized team has already helped several Swiss banks, both large and small, to migrate their data successfully.

Everything You Need to Know

A Super-Effective Team

itopia has a small but super-effective team that has been operating successfully on the market for years. Each specialist has in-depth experience of the industry, has mastered the tools of the trade, and knows how to avoid all the typical pitfalls of complex migration projects. You will find us efficient and professional right from the get-go.

The Right Approach

In a nutshell: the first stage of any migration project is to analyze the source data thoroughly and gain a clear picture of the target structures. Next, we systematically devise the mapping specifications in consultation with your functional, source, and target experts. Once the mapping is complete, the first data can be migrated in next to no time! And that’s because we generate the migration programs directly from the specifications. This means we are able to respond right up to the last minute.

An End-to-End View

The itopia migration framework systematically provides an end-to-end view of the process from source to target. The integrated reconciliation reporting provides all the evidence you could ever need, right down to the level of individual records. And that will certainly keep the auditors off your back.

A Tried-and-True Methodology

Our data migration framework was born out of the need for a migration program that could be used repeatedly without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. With our methodology, every mapping specification, migration program, and reconciliation report follows the exact same pattern. This makes the process less reliant on specific individuals and goes a long way toward keeping the complexity manageable.

Pure Performance

The itopia migration framework is designed for massively parallel processing – the more resources you have, the faster the migration process. Take, for instance, a scenario involving 1 TB of memory and 240 parallel transformation processes. We can handle that, no problem! If you provide a powerful Oracle database server, we’ll provide the migration framework that will make your migration process fly! There is absolutely no need for you to waste money on expensive specialist software.

See for Yourself

When it comes to references, nothing beats a recommendation! If you would like to speak to our most recent client, we will gladly put you in touch with them. We’ll also be happy to provide you with detailed information on request.

Please feel free to contact Josef Bösze or Ralph Schibli.