Our Code of Conduct

The Guidelines

itopia’s Code of Conduct is modelled on the 2005 Code of Ethics of the Swiss Computer Science Society. itopia personnel shall:

  1. Work in the best interest of the company; act in an honest and trustworthy manner
  2. Respect the privacy and rights of others as well as material and immaterial property rights
  3. Only perform actions that can be justified ethically and professionally
  4. Guarantee the highest degree of quality and effectiveness
  5. Acquire and maintain professional competence through continuous learning
  6. Oppose unreasonable expectations of ICT systems
  7. Observe and apply existing rules and regulations
  8. Access ICT resources only when authorised to do so
  9. Honour contracts and agreements
  10. Accept and provide appropriate professional reviews
  11. Analyse, evaluate, and appropriately communicate the shortcomings and risks of the effects of ICT systems
  12. Avoid unnecessary and uncontrollable complexity
  13. Protect tangible and intangible resources and not burden future generations unnecessarily

itopia sponsors Access for All